So after finally finishing my PhD and doing interview after interview, I got a position as a Postdoc. Unfortunately it’s only for 12 months and I know many people don’t even take offers of 12 month Postdoc’s, but money was an issue… or the lack thereof. So I’ve just moved city, set myself up in a new University and I’m currently trying to figure everything out.

While looking for this Postdoc position I applied for 23 positions, some of which were not even in my area of research! To put this in context, I was working in a part-time job in the same city where I did my PhD, with no future and terrible wages. Things were getting very grim with almost 9 months passing since I completed my PhD.

I had received some job offers, in particular one from a large corporation based in the city I was living in. But at the time I was offered this job I was in the middle of writing my thesis and an offer of another job from my University for 9 months seemed much more appealing as it allowed me to finish my PhD in the appropriate surroundings.

One of the hardest things to figure out when you first jump on the “life after a PhD” ladder, is whether you want to stay in academia, change careers or go into industry. At the point of starting this Postdoc I had already tried changing careers and worked in industry for a short while (both of which I abandoned for my sanity) so academia seemed like my last option to finally earn enough money to get a car.

So since I moved to a city where I have no friends, this blog should keep me occupied! I’ll update it each week and sometimes more than once a week depending on circumstances. I’m a male in the 26-30 age bracket, which means I’m young enough to still have fun but also old enough to know better. I will also keep this blog anonymous as much as possible for obvious reasons.

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